Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Marc Davis vs. Celtics

I have always said that refs have hated Celtics, especially Paul Pierce who gets beat up on every drive without a whistle. Anyone not from Boston has always dismissed it as usual homer talk. While I might be too easily convinced of this by the ref loving announcer Tommy Heinsohn, there seems to be no question that Marc Davis does not like the Celtics. Above is a game against Atlanta at the end of the regular season that went to overtime that was reffed by Marc Davis.  Celtics were able to hold on and get the win with no help from the officials.  This does not give an excuse to Rondo though, for the dumb move of bumping into a official and putting his team in a very bad spot.  The only thing that could possibly of been dumber then Rondo's bump would of been punching a fire extinguisher..

Celtics are now down 1 in Atlanta tonight without Rondo or Allen.  The one good side for the Celtics is now Avery Bradley can harass Teague instead of getting abused by the much bigger Joe Johnson and McGrady.  This game is huge.  Teams in the NBA that have started a series 2-0 own a .942 winning percentage (226-14).